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Volga River Cruises with Samara Tour

Volga River Cruises

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“Semion Budionni”, a comfortable four-decker, is one of the most popular among foreigners tourist river cruise ships in Russia.

It has 12 two-room de-luxe double cabins and 1 two-room single de-luxe cabin, 12 one-level single cabins, 40 one-level double cabins, 39 two-level cabins and 34 triple cabins with all modern conveniences. There’s a big window in each cabin. All cabins have air conditioning, radio, shower, hot and cold water, toilet, closet, electricity plug sockets.

The ship also has
- 2 restaurants,
- 2 bars,
- sauna,
- music saloon,
- solarium.

There’s a variety music and exotic dance show every night.

The cruise price includes

- a place at a cabin with all modern conveniences;
- 3 meals a day at the ship’s restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner ALL INCLUDED);
- excursions at the cities along the cruise;
- lectures, concerts, games, movies, variety shows, discos.

To see the itinerary and prices and to choose the cruise you like click on DOWNLOAD PRICELIST link at the top of the page.

To make reservations click on BOOK IT link at the top of the page.

To pay your cruise click on BUY IT link at the top of the page. Please, make the payment on-line ONLY after you’ve submitted reservation information and the SamaraTour agency staff confirmed the reservation and all inclusive price in USD or Euros.

Reservation is valid without payment during two days only, after which it’s cancelled automatically in case the customer has not made successful payment on-line of off-line. The earlier you make the reservation the better is the chance you get the cruise you like. The best time to make cruise reservations is in April and May or at least 3 weeks prior to the cruise date.

We fax, e-mail, or mail the cruise ticket according to the wish of the customer.

We make hotel reservations and provide transfers Samara Airport- River Boat Station, Samara rail-way station- River Boat station on request.

We provide guides and interpreters on request.