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Volga River Cruises with Samara Tour

Volga River Cruises

The Best Summer Rest is On Volga River Cruise! It’s a comfortable and safe way to learn real Mother Russia, to meet and make friends with real Russian people and to have a great enjoyable time. Samara is situated on the so called Middle Volga which enables us to provide cruises both up and down Volga river. We have all kind of cruise ships including double-deckers, three-deckers and DeLuxe quality four-deckers.

One click call from a smartphone:+7 987 920 60 64  (Viber available)

The 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 days cruises on board of high quality tourist river vessels are available May through September. The avarage all inclusive price for a reasonable and the most enjoyable 3-7 days cruise is 300-1000 USD per persone. The price includes double or single cabin with all modern conviniences, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the vessel restaurant, excursions around 5-7 cities visited during the cruise. Bathing in the river and sun tanning at the Volga sand islands during multiple leisure halts is FREE. Discos and variety shows are available every night during the cruise.

We sell the river cruises all year round and publish the itinerary as soon as we get it from the ship manager. Follow the information and prices at this website or subscribe for SamaraTour newsletter to keep you informed about upcomming Volga River Cruises timetable and rates.

Our freshest offer of the SEASON 2009 is

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