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Samara Night - Clubs And Discos. Ñàìàðà íàéò îò ÑàìàðàÒóð.

Samara Restaurants, Clubs and Discos

Ñàìàðà íàéò - ñàìàðñêàÿ íî÷ü. À çäåñü ðàçâëå÷åíèÿ îò ÑàìàðàÒóð â ëþáîå âðåìÿ è íà ðóññêîì ÿçûêå Ðàçâëå÷åíèÿ, êëóáû, ïàòè â Ñàìàðå. Ïîðòàë èíôîðìàöèè î ðàçâëå÷åíèÿõ è âå÷åðèíêàõ â Ñàìàðå.

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Samara Night - Ñàìàðà íàéò

If you are a nightclub-goer, love partying and having fun, Samara nightlife won’t disappoint you. Clubs here are numerous and new ones are emerging regularly. Here are just very few of them:

Aura is one of Samara's most eminent clubs. Famous DJs call on here quite often: Aura manages to pull DJs from Saint Petersburg and Moscow fairly regularly and some European DJs from time to time. Face control lets in nice public only. Aura's best feature is its extravagant interior, heavy on drapes, winding staircases and full of little nooks, comfortable couches and chill-out areas. And, of course, there is a sizeable dance floor where patrons can writhe to the mainly house and R&B strains the DJs play. The diversity of the areas within the club makes it a good place to go for chilling or partying.

Podval Rock Café is a cool place with a real underground feel to it even though it is quite well known. It usually fills up with an alternative crowd, but not the irritating kind of alternative, making it a relaxed, easy-going spot. Hard rock is the dominant music played here but there's some alternative thrown in to lighten the atmosphere a little. Samara alternative Local live bands play on weekends. Podval Rock Cafe has a well-stocked bar and competent bartenders. Podval Rock Cafe is a great place for a night out.

Zvezda (“The Star”). Music from the best world DJs, performances of renowned artists, outstanding show programs, the highest quality light and sound, fashionable interior design — these are just a few reasons for the popularity of the place in Samara. While visiting Club Star in Samara, you can always count on free parking, security, an atmosphere of joy, positive music, striking shows, as well as reasonable prices. The thing about the Zvezda is that it is one of the oldest and one of the best clubs in Samara.


KIN-UP is a unique place for rest and amusement, situated in the centre of Samara on Volga embankment. The two-storey building includes all kinds of entertainment: bowling, billiards, slot machine arcade, kids’ amusement facilities, skating-rink, rock-climbing wall, several cafes and restaurants. For going out at night the most remarkable spots would be “Teatro” and “Lady Rai” (Lady Heaven).

Teatro is waiting for the guests all the week round from 12 p.m. till 6 a.m. The club is equipped with the high-power audio system and has the modern light- equipment. The dominant music is House.

Lady Rai welcomes the visitors from 6 p.m. till 6 a.m. on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Strip & lounge club gives you a brilliant opportunity to pass an unforgettable evening watching strip and enjoying European cuisine dishes and the wide range of beverages from the bar. Separate hookah menu is available.

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