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Samara Tour E-mail Translation and Delivery

Delivery Services

One click call from a smartphone:+7 987 920 60 64  (Viber available)

You may have your business partners, relatives, friends or someone special in Samara, Russia. Some of them may have e-mail and Internet access, some may not. Some of them speak English, some of them don’t.

We will translate (in necessary), print out and deliver your message to your addressee in Samara within 48 hours. The same way we will e-mail the reply.

With this procedure it is possible to send and receive a reply in as little as 2-3 days. Regular postal mail will take a minimum of 40-60 days round trip for the same letter, and it can be even longer.

The total cost of our Standard service to you is $5 for a letter up to two pages in length, and each additional page is $2. This is one of the best ways of sending mail quickly that we know of. UPS and FedX have 2 day delivery but it will cost you from $45-$75 for this!! The U.S. postal service has International Express mail but the cost is $18 to most countries and it takes 3-5 days.

We also allow you to send photographs in jpg. format. To print them costs $4 each with each email letter that you send. We do ask that you keep the file size below 40kb & not send us photos in any other format other than jpg unless you are willing to pay an additional $5 for us to convert them for you. If you would like to receive scanned photos from Samara we will scan them for you, we will do so for $5 each.

If you would like a letter to be translated from Russian to English, or English to Russian , we can do so for a cost of $10.00 per typed page with a one page minimum (650 words per page), additional words are 2 cents each. Most services are charging 5 cents per word which is more than $35 for an average one page letter!

Here’s the summarized pricelist of the e-mail messages translation and delivery.
1 letter delivery – $5.
1 letter print out and delivery within Samara city - $5.
1 photo print out and delivery - $4.
1 up to 650 words letter translation - $10.

You can pay for delivery only or for delivery and reply.

Order information we need for delivery:

Your name, e-mail address, phone number.
Your text of the message.
The addressee complete name, address, and telephone number.
Choose the services you order: delivery ($5), translation ($10), photo printout and delivery ($4), reply delivery ($5), reply translation ($10), scan and e-mail photo with reply ($5).

Please, e-mail your order to

You can pay on-line for the ordered services here:
Samara secure on-line payment