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Mexican Cuisine In Samara - La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha is a true Mexican nook in Samara, complete with sombreros on the walls, comfortable wooden chairs, and nopals.

This restaurant specializing in Mexican cuisine is famous for its bright and cheery festivals Viva Brazil Carnival, Salsa Festival, and Cuba Libre among many others. In the evenings, there is a bouncy dancing program with professional dancers on hand always ready to help. La Cucaracha seems to have been built specifically for its guests to have a good time in one of the rooms on the first level there is a karaoke show, and in an upper room, a grill and all the accompanying gastronomic delights.

The chef Alexandro will suggest for your enjoyment his signature fajitas Kapitalinas piping hot meat well-flavored with spices. This Mexican restaurant has no respect for bland food, everything is flaming hot and spicy including the piquant Buffalo chicken wings and La Cucarachas Flamentos meat plate served flaming...

The Mexican restaurant La Cucaracha is perfect for those who like it hot and who love fun and adventure.

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