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Samara Aviation and Space Museum

The Aviation and Space Museum n.a. Korolev is one of the central institutions dedicated to the preservation and popularization of Russian aerospace investigation. The museum was founded in 1977 and has since presented fascinating exhibitions connected with Russias journeys through time and space. The museums main exhibit is subdivided into four sections: The history of the Russian aviation Major events in cosmic exploration The history of the Samara Aerospace University The aerospace industry in Samara today

More than 150 models of aeronautical and space-rocket engineering are displayed for the visitors observation. Among those especially unique artifacts at the museum are the models of the Mir space station and of Vostok and Soyuz rockets. The most popular attractions with the tourists are the ejection seats, the real space food and the opportunity to try out the special instruments astronauts use to work in space.

The museum also holds rare and priceless documents of aeronautic history.

The Aviation and Space Museum gives its visitors a wonderful opportunity to see authentic space rockets and to learn more about the history of Russian and world aeronautics.

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