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U Palicha Russian Restaurant In Samara

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Built in the historic Kuibysheva Street district of Samara, U Palycha was opened in 1995. Initially serving only European fare, in 1998 U Palycha began offering a unique menu specializing in original Russian dishes.

Today, all the gourmets can enjoy U Palychas diversity of wonderfully cooked food, choosing from salads, soups, hot appetizers, meat and fish dishes, and multifarious desserts. Shchi, followed by quail baked in pumpkin, pancakes with fresh salmon caviar accompanied by a shooter of vodka or a tankard of kvass a true feast!

The Russian atmosphere of U Palycha is supported by the restaurants servers who are dressed in traditional costumes, and by the Russian folk bands and Gypsy performers that entertain the guests on a daily basis.

U Palycha has a seating capacity of 74. For business meetings, there is a special banquet room that fits 10, and for those looking to have a larger meeting, it is possible to book banquet service for up to 45 guests.

Dinner at U Palycha offers the perfect opportunity to sample original Russian cuisine in all its variety, and to be absorbed by the restaurants atmosphere of merriment and mirth.


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