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AutoVAZ Technical Museum In Togliatti

Togliatti is famous throughout the world for its AvtoVAZ (AutoVAZ) automobile manufacturer, producing nearly one million cars a year, including the Kalina, Lada 110 and the Niva off-road vehicle. The VAZ factory is one of the biggest in the world, with over 90 miles (144 km) of production lines, and is unique in that most of the components for the cars are made in-house.

The plant has always attracted tourists so in 2001 the AvtoVAZ technical museum was opened as a respond to the visitors demand.

Technical museum is a unique Russian museum according to its territory and great variety of exhibits. Within its total area of 380 000 ², the AvtoVAZ museum includes over 460 units of equipment, demonstrating the development of automotive, railroad and aeronautical engineering alongside with armored force vehicles, missile artillery and naval arms.

One of the exhibitions is devoted to armament of the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Among the displays there are T-34, IS-3, T-70 tanks; the 122 mm howitzer M1910/30; anti-aircraft auto cannon Bofors and many others.

Automotive engineering is performed by heavy trucks and motor cars gathered from different countries including such rarities as German truck Bussing and American automobile Studebaker.

In 2003 some samples of space machinery supplemented the collection of Technical Museum. All the visitors have a chance to see lunar landing device, mars rover and what not.

In the same 2003 the AvtoVAZ technical museum was voted to be one of the best tourist attractions, since that time the museum has become even more popular.

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